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This sections relates to known hardware compatibility in libreboot.

For installation instructions, refer to ../install/.

NOTE: For T60/R60 thinkpads, make sure that it has an Intel GPU, not an ATI GPU because coreboot lacks native video initialization for the ATI GPUs on these machines.

(for later machines like T500, T400, ATI GPU doesn’t matter, because it also has an Intel GPU, and libreboot uses the Intel one)

Supported hardware

libreboot currently supports the following systems in this release:

Desktops (AMD, Intel, x86)

Laptops (Intel, x86)

Laptops (ARM, with U-Boot payload)

Removed boards

These boards were in Libreboot, but have been removed with the intention of re-adding them at a later date. They were removed due to issues. List:

NOTES about removed boards:

WARNING: veyron speedy boards (e.g. C201) have non-functional video init as of 19 February 2023, and no fix is yet available on that date. See: https://notabug.org/libreboot/lbmk/issues/136 - the last tested revision from 2021.01 is known to work, for u-boot on this board. See:
https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/ASUS_Chromebook_C201_(google-veyron-speedy) (alpernebbi on IRC is looking into this, to bisect uboot and update the latest revisions) - for now, ROM images deleted from the Libreboot 20221214 and 20230319 releases.

WARNING: daisy- and peach- boards require a BL1 bootloader blob, but the one from coreboot 3rdparty is a fake/placeholder blob. We need logic in the Libreboot build system for properly fetching/extracting these, plus docs to cover it. For now, assume that these are broken - ROM images are excluded, for now, and have been deleted from the Libreboot 20221214 and 20230319 releases. - see: https://review.coreboot.org/plugins/gitiles/blobs/+/4c0dcf96ae73ba31bf9aa689768a5ecd47bac19e and https://review.coreboot.org/plugins/gitiles/blobs/+/b36cc7e08f7337f76997b25ee7344ab8824e268d

d945gclf: Doesn’t boot at all, according to last report. D510MO is still in lbmk but still was reported problematic; other boards should be fine (see list above).

WARNING: Support for these boards is at a proof-of-concept stage. Refer to docs/uboot/ for more info about the U-Boot payload.


TODO: More hardware is supported. See resources/coreboot/ in lbmk. Update the above list!

‘Supported’ means that the build scripts know how to build ROM images for these systems, and that the systems have been tested (confirmed working). There may be exceptions; in other words, this is a list of ‘officially’ supported systems.

EC update on i945 (X60, T60) and GM45 (X200, X301, T400, T500, R400, W500, R500)

It is recommended that you update to the latest EC firmware version. The EC firmware is separate from libreboot, so we don’t actually provide that, but if you still have Lenovo BIOS then you can just run the Lenovo BIOS update utility, which will update both the BIOS and EC version. See:

NOTE: this can only be done when you are using Lenovo BIOS. How to update the EC firmware while running libreboot is unknown. libreboot only replaces the BIOS firmware, not EC.

Updated EC firmware has several advantages e.g. better battery handling.

How to find what EC version you have (i945/GM45)

In Linux, you can try this:

grep 'at EC' /proc/asound/cards

Sample output:

ThinkPad Console Audio Control at EC reg 0x30, fw 7WHT19WW-3.6

7WHT19WW is the version in different notation, use search engine to find out regular version - in this case it’s a 1.06 for x200 tablet

Alternatively, if dmidecode is available, run the following command (as root) to find the currently flashed BIOS version:

dmidecode -s bios-version

On a T400 running the latest BIOS this would give 7UET94WW (3.24 ) as result.

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