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The latest stable release is 20160907, released on 2016-09-07 and can be found at #https.

If you’re more interested in libreboot development, go to the libreboot development page, which also includes links to the Git repositories. Visit ../tasks/ for tasks currently on the TODO list.

GPG signing key

See here.

Do you have a mirror?

Let us know! We will add it here. Instructions for how to mirror libreboot releases can be found here.

HTTPS mirrors

These mirrors are recommended, since they use TLS (https://) encryption.

https://mirrors.peers.community/mirrors/libreboot/ (Peers Community Project, USA)

https://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/libreboot.org/release/ (University of Kent, UK)

https://mirror.math.princeton.edu/pub/libreboot/ (Princeton university, USA)

https://mirrors.cicku.me/libreboot/ (CICKU FOSS Mirror Service, Germany)

https://vimuser.org/libreboot/ (vimuser.org, Netherlands)

https://ginette.swordarmor.fr/libreboot/ (swordarmor.fr, France)

https://mirror.se.partyvan.eu/pub/libreboot/ (partyvan.eu, Sweden)

https://elgrande74.net/libreboot/ (elgrande74.net, France)

https://nedson.net/libreboot (nedson.net, USA)

HTTP mirrors

WARNING: these mirrors are non-HTTPS which means that they are unencrypted. Your traffic could be subject to interference by adversaries. Make especially sure to check the GPG signatures, assuming that you have the right key. Of course, you should do this anyway, even if using HTTPS.

http://mirrors.mit.edu/libreboot/ (MIT university, USA)

http://tpvj6abq225m5pcf.onion/pub/libreboot/ (Tor hidden server, Undisclosed location)

http://mirror.linux.ro/libreboot/ (linux.ro, Romania)

http://mirror.helium.in-berlin.de/libreboot/ (in-berlin.de, Germany)

http://libreboot.mirror.si/ (mirror.si, Slovenia)

FTP mirrors

WARNING: FTP is also unencrypted, like HTTP. The same risks are present.

ftp://ftp.mirrorservice.org/sites/libreboot.org/release/ (University of Kent, UK)

ftp://ftp.linux.ro/libreboot/ (linux.ro, Romania)

ftp://libreboot.mirror.si/libreboot (mirror.si, Slovenia)

Statically linked

Libreboot includes statically linked executables. If you need the sources for those statically linked dependencies inside the executables, then you can contact the libreboot project using the details on the home page; source code will be provided. You can download this source code from here.

Copyright 2015-2017 Leah Rowe info@minifree.org
Copyright 2017 Alyssa Rosenzweig alyssa@rosenzweig.io

This document is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License and all future versions. A copy of the license can be found at “cc-by-sa-4.txt”.

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