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Libreboot is a free and Open Source BIOS or UEFI replacement, initialising the hardware and booting your operating system. We are a member of the Peers Community project, an organisation that supports Free Software.

Community feedback is needed on whether domain name ownership should be transferred to the Free Software Foundation

Libreboot has applied to re-join the GNU project, under new democratic leadership

Why use Libreboot?

Many people use non-free proprietary boot firmware, even if they use GNU+Linux. Non-free BIOS/UEFI firmware often contains backdoors, can be slow and have severe bugs, and you are left helpless at the mercy of the developers. By contrast, libreboot is fully free software, where anyone can contribute or inspect its code.

Libreboot is faster, more secure and more reliable than most non-free firmware, and can provide many advanced feature, like encrypted /boot/, GPG signature checking before booting your kernel, ability to load an OS from the flash chip, and more.

Libreboot’s main upstream provider is coreboot, which we deblob. We upstream our custom patches to projects like coreboot, depthcharge, GRUB, and flashrom where possible. Together, we provide an automated build and installation system with nontechnical documentation, allowing Libreboot to be widely used.

Watch our FOSDEM 2017 presentation about Libreboot (speaker is Leah Rowe)

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