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Leah Rowe

4 January 2022

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Article published by: Leah Rowe

Date of publication: 4 January 2022

The libreboot website is currently only available in English.

I’ve recently added support for translations to the Untitled Static Site Generator, which the libreboot website uses. Pages on are written in Markdown, and this software generates HTML pages.

This very page that you are reading was created this way!

Getting started

The libreboot website is available, in Markdown, from a Git repository:

Instructions for how to send patches are available here:

If you’re working on a translation, make note of the commit ID from lbwww.git and keep track of further changes (to the English website) in that repository.

When you send the translation, please specify what commit ID in lbwww.git it is up to date with. From then on, I will keep track of changes to the English website, which is what I work on. My native language is English. When the first translation is made available on, I will create a new page (in English only), and add notes to it whenever I make site changes, and show where these changes need to then be performed in translated versions of each page that I change.

How to translate

The documentation on tells you how to handle translations.

I recommend that you set up a local Nginx HTTP server on your computer, and configure Untitled for it, using the instructions on the Untitled website. This will make it easier to see what your translated website looks like, before it goes live.

It is recommended that you install a firewall, if you’re running Nginx, unless you actually want it to be publicly accessible. The ufw software is quite nice:

sudo apt-get install ufw
sudo ufw enable

This will block all unsolicited incoming traffic. It’s good practise anyway, for workstations. You don’t have to use ufw, but it’s a nice frontend for iptables/ip6tables on systems that use the Linux kernel. More information about ufw available here:

When viewing your local website, you can just type http://localhost/ in your browser. This will resolve to your local loopback address.

In general, you will be working with md files and include files. Keep an eye out for files with template, footer and nav in the name. More information about how Untitled works is available on the Untitled website. You should also add a translated strings.cfg file to Untitled, for your translation, if Untitled doesn’t support it.

You can add pages in any language to Untitled. The software automatically generates language selection menus, on a per-page basis, when a translation is available for a given page.

Markdown file for this page:

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