ASUS KGPE-D16 hardware donation needed

Leah Rowe

30 March 2023

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Article published by: Leah Rowe

Date of publication: 30 March 2023

UPDATE: I have this board now. I do not require donation anymore.

Please donate a D16 machine if you can

If someone can donate one to me, that would be a great service to the Libreboot project. Preferably assembled, with CPU, cooler, working RAM (in coreboot), in a case with PSU… throw in a graphics card if you can.

ASUS KGPE-D16 support was removed from Libreboot a while ago, because I didn’t have enough testers to be confident in providing ROM images for it.

I would like to re-add support for ASUS KGPE-D16 in a future Libreboot release, but this time I’d like to be able to test it myself.

I don’t currently have a KGPE-D16 set up at my lab, because finding parts and (especially) the coolers is a challenge, to say the least.

If you would like to help, and have a machine to spare, please can you contact me at my email address:

KCMA-D8 also needed

I’m also arranging for an assembled machine with KCMA-D8 in it to be sent to me - though I’m not yet sure if that will go through, so if you have one of those aswell, I’d be interested too.

How I plan to re-add

Dasharo produces updated coreboot images for KGPE-D16, with source code. They took coreboot from release 4.11 and updated the code. I plan to add support in lbmk (Libreboot’s build system) for using other coreboot repositories besides the official one, when downloading, patching and compiling for each board.

In other words, I would integrate Dasharo’s coreboot repository in Libreboot, alongside the default one on

As far as I know, Dasharo does not yet work on KCMA-D8 (that was the case, last time I checked), but I could inspect code differences between D8/D16 in coreboot’s branch 4.11_branch and try to port those to Dasharo, to then put in Libreboot.

Failing that (for KCMA-D8), I would just use 4.11_branch from coreboot. D8/D16 support was dropped in coreboot after release 4.11, but updated code mostly fixing compiler issues and such, is available in a branch off of 4.11 called 4.11_branch.

When Libreboot dropped support for D8/D16, it wasn’t using 4.11_branch. Instead, it was using the normal 4.11 tag in coreboot.git, with some extra patches on top provided by Libreboot.

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