Libreboot project contributors

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Leah Rowe

Main developer, original author and founder of the libreboot project, manages the libreboot website and git repository. Leah can be contacted on IRC (freenode) in #libreboot by the alias leah, or you can contact her by the email address (GPG).

Leah is also responsible for (personal website) and (support group for transgender people).

Timothy Pearson

Ported the ASUS KGPE-D16 board to coreboot for the company Raptor Engineering of which Timothy is the CEO, and collaborated with Leah on merging it in libreboot. Timothy maintains this code in coreboot, helping Leah with the libreboot integration for it. This person's contact details are on the raptor site, or you can ping tpearson on the freenode IRC network.

Paul Kocialkowski

Ported the ARM (Rockchip RK3288 SoC) based Chromebook laptops to libreboot. Also one of the main Replicant developers. Contact Paul on the libreboot IRC channel by the alias paulk or paulk-<hostname> (hostname is variable).

Damien Zammit

Maintains the Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L coreboot port, which is integrated in libreboot. Also works on other hardware for the benefit of the libreboot project. Contact damo22 on the freenode IRC network. This persons website is

Patrick "P. J." McDermott

ProteanOS maintainer, responsible for maintaining ProteanOS builds on many libreboot targets, and contributes to libreboot. This person's alias on the libreboot IRC channel is pehjota, or you can find contact information on the ProteanOS website. Patrick also did a lot of research and wrote the libreboot FAQ section relating to the Intel Management Engine, in addition to making several improvements to the build system in libreboot.

Steve Shenton

Ported the ThinkPad X200 to libreboot, by figuring out how to deactive the Intel Management Engine on that laptop, and remove the firmware while still making the system boot correctly. The ThinkPad T400, T500, R400 and R500 were also ported to libreboot, based on this work.

Denis Carikli

Based on the work done by Peter Stuge, Vladimir Serbineko and others in the coreboot project, got native graphics initialization to work on the ThinkPad X60, allowing it to be supported in libreboot. Denis gave Leah a lot of advice and helped her to found the libreboot project. Contact GNUtoo-irssi in the #libreboot IRC channel. Denis is also one of the founders of the Replicant project.

Vladimir Serbinenko

Ported many of the thinkpads supported in libreboot, to coreboot, and made many fixes in coreboot which benefited the libreboot project. Contact phcoder in the #coreboot IRC channel on freenode.

Paul Menzel

Investigated and fixed a bug in coreboot on the ThinkPad X60/T60 exposed by Linux kernel 3.12 and up, which caused 3D acceleration to stop working and video generally to become unstable. Paul worked with Leah on this, sending her patches to test periodically until the bug was fixed in coreboot, and then helped her integrate the fix in libreboot. Contact PaulePanter in the #libreboot IRC channel.

Jeroen Quint

Contributed several fixes to the libreboot documentation, relating to installing Parabola with full disk encryption on libreboot systems. Contact Jezza in the #libreboot IRC channel.

Arthur Heymans

Merged a patch from coreboot into libreboot, enabling C3 and C4 power states to work correctly on GM45 laptops. This was a long-standing issue before Athur's contribution. Arthur also fixed VRAM size on i945 on GM45 systems, allowing maximum VRAM allocation for the onboard GPUs on these systems, another longstanding issue in libreboot. Contact apvh in the #libreboot IRC channel.

Peter Stuge

Helped Leah write the section about DMA on ../faq/#firmware-hddssd, and provided general advice in early days of the project. Contact CareBear\ in the #coreboot IRC channel on freenode.

Klemens Nanni

Made many fixes and improvements to the GRUB configuration used in libreboot, and several tweaks to the build system. Contact kl3 in the #libreboot IRC channel.

Marcus Moeller

Made the libreboot logo.

Swift Geek

Contributed a patch for ich9gen to generate 16MiB descriptors. Contact swiftgeek in the IRC channel.

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