ThinkPad X201 removed from Libreboot

Leah Rowe

12 January 2024

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Article published by: Leah Rowe

Date of publication: 12 January 2024

Builds have also been removed from rsync, and build logic has been removed from lbmk. It was discovered that fan controls fail on this mainboard, when you use a neutered Intel ME image. This issue seems to only affect these older arrandale machines; the issue was discovered on X201 but probably affects the thinkpad T410, and other mobile arrandale machines.

This issue does not affect the newer platforms, only arrandale / ibex peak machines such as the ThinkPad X201. X201 uses Intel ME version 6. ME version 7 and up has not shown any issues, when neutered.

You are advised not to use Libreboot, on this platform. Use of coreboot is still possible, but you must use the full Intel ME image on it. As such, we will therefore not support it in Libreboot anymore. It is the policy of the Libreboot project to only provide no-ME configuration, or neutered ME configuration using me_cleaner.

You are advised to simply use another machine. The arrandale machines are now considered broken (in a coreboot context) by the Libreboot project, and they will not be supported by Libreboot - unless further testing is done, and this issue is fixed. This removal has been done urgently, out of concern for the safety of users.

The removal patch is here:

That is all.

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