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Leah Rowe

8 January 2023

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Article published by: Leah Rowe

Date of publication: 8 January 2023

I’ve recently started a new project, which I call the Federation of Freedom. It is a website that teaches people how to self-host their own servers on the internet, on all libre software. You could actually do it all on Libreboot hardware.

When I say recently, I mean it; Fedfree launched on 25 December 2022. Today is 8 January 2023. Thus, Fedfree is just about two weeks old, on this day.

This is the website:

I’m basically starting out with it, documenting each part of in terms of hosting, but it will later expand. On that first part, it’s still not complete; it lacks a mail server guide ( has mail), rsync guide (ditto) and cgit guide (ditto) - I’m planning to host a forgejo instance for git, and that’ll be yet another guide for Fedfree.

The guides it does currently have are:

The setups described in those guides is exactly how is hosted, for the types of services described.

Help is greatly appreciated, if people want to submit their own guides. The basic premise behind it is this: hardware and software freedom are all well and good, but most people with good ideas don’t know how to do hosting, so they default to using proprietary services like GitHub. I want to change that!

Basically, I want every website on the internet to be hosted in someone’s living room. I’m only half-joking when I say that. That is literally how was hosted, for many years; the setup is still self-hosted, but it’s not currently hosted in a living room.

More information is available on the Fedfree website

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