Libreboot left the GNU project on 15 September 2016

UPDATE: GNU and FSF decide that libreboot is still a GNU project, against the wishes of the Libreboot project.

What happened

A transgender employee at the FSF was being bullied by a transphobic employee. When the transgender employee filed a complaint, they were fired because the complaint was seen as troublemaking. A transgender person standing up for their rights in the workplace was seen as hostile. A transgender person is someone whose internal gender identity (in their brain) is different to the one they were assigned at birth. This mismatch can cause many transgender people to become extremely depressed, even suicidal. Many who are like this seek to transition to their real gender, and in many places (including USA) are subject to harsh treatment. Many end up being homeless, even if they are highly skilled, because they are fired from their job as a result of discrimination, or they are not hired for the same reason. They also regularly face abandonment by family and friends, in addition to being turned down from housing opportunities by transphobic landlords who turn them away. Transgender people are among some of the most vulnerable people on earth, particularly trans women. Transgender people are more likely to commit suicide than almost any other group of people, precisely because of how hostile the world is to trans people.

It didn't seem to even matter to them that the individual in question had worked hard for the FSF and been an extremely knowledgeable and reliable person for the organisation - and a huge supporter - for many years.

Leah Rowe, libreboot's main developer and founder, is a transgender woman herself, and several transgender people have contributed to the libreboot project. What the FSF has done is truly disgusting, so Libreboot voluntarily left the GNU project in protest. GNU is funded in large part by the Free Software Foundation. We will not name the person who was fired, for their privacy and safety.

The libreboot project will not stand by idly, while such an injustice is permitted to occur at the FSF. That's why libreboot has left the GNU project. We must not tolerate anything like this at the FSF, an organisation which has historically been extremely open to minorities and embracing of diversity generally.

The FSF lied, in response to libreboot's allegations

The FSF issued this public statement. They don't mention the issues being raised at all, while outright denying the allegations. This is to be expected, afterall. They then wish their former employee the best of luck.

The individual in question had donated countless hours to keep the FSF running, with years of expertise and absolute passion for the work. To the FSF, this didn't matter at all.


The FSF ought to have a lawsuit on its hands. What they have done is actually illegal in Boston, MA, where they operate. Unfortunately, the individual who was discriminated against has decided to remain hidden, which is why they are not mentioned by name.

The following people should either resign and/or be fired from the FSF, to be replaced by other people:

Another individual who recently left the FSF (who will also not be named) said it's unsettling that this was permitted to go on. In most organisations, there are ways to mediate disputes. At the FSF, there is no middle management, no HR and the board of directors more or less only communicates with the executive director. Individual staff members are never consulted about anything. There is little or no oversight of employee morale by the board of directors; instead, employees are left on their own to manage everything. The fight between Stephen and the trans person who was fired had been going on for a long time, before John Sullivan finally looked into it, months too late. This sort of mismanagement is unacceptable at an organisation like the FSF. In most organisations, there are ways to handle situations like this and prevent them from happening. Stephen is toxic to the FSF and extremely negative. Why doesn't the FSF keep a closer eye on its own internal affairs, especially relations between staff members? Why does the FSF not have a department for managing disputes?

The FSF needs better policies for its staff, to prevent situations like this in the future, and that needs to be something that is discussed by the board of directors. It is completely unacceptable that situations like this are permitted to occur.

Until all three of these people are expelled from the organisation and - more importantly - the organisation improves so that this is no longer a problem in the future, then we recommend the following actions by the public:

Libreboot has left the GNU project, and will probably never re-join. We will consider whether to re-open communications with the FSF, if and when the organisation resolves this blatant corruption. Leah Rowe demands that both FSF and GNU formally announce that Libreboot is no longer a GNU project, while revoking her FSF membership. She will no longer be donating to the FSF; Leah had donated $6120 USD to the organisation since 2015, before making this announcement.

Community reaction, and our response

Women are taken far less seriously, especially trans women, so it's only natural that everywhere all over the internet, people are demanding evidence, while others now regard Leah Rowe (the person who blew the whistle on the FSF's discrimination) as childish or unprofessional. This is highly disappointing, but it is not unexpected.

The libreboot project will stand firm, regardless. This kind of injustice at the Free Software Foundation must never be tolerated. To those in the FSF who are responsible: this issue will not go away.

FSF, GNU and RMS: Libreboot is no longer a GNU project. Please honour this immediately, and formally declare that libreboot is no longer a GNU project. Leah is *NOT* stepping down as Libreboot's maintainer, she is simply taking Libreboot away from GNU. Libreboot will still be developed as always, under the same standards of freedom as before, just *without GNU*. She has not forked libreboot.

Leah Rowe does not work for the FSF, and never has

This is a personal statement from Leah Rowe: I've seen some weird posts all over reddit and elsewhere that showed people were looking for pictures of me, for some reason. The community somehow thought that this photo of the FSF staff in March 2015 had me in it (it does not!):

Normally I wouldn't care. Reddit and 4chan are not exactly serious websites in my opinion. Nonetheless, it does annoy me a lot to see a photo of the FSF staff #1 on google image search when I search my name, so I would like to share with the community an actual photo of me:

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