OpenBSD Install Attempt on a Samsung Chromebook Plus

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System Configuration

Hardware: Samsung Chromebook Plus XE513C24 (gru_kevin)

Libreboot: 2023-04-23

Operating System: OpenBSD 7.3

Install Media Preparation

Follow the OpenBSD arm64 installation instructions in the link below:

Write the install73.img file to a micro sdcard. Replace “sdcard_device” below with the appropriate device path on your system.

# dd if=install73.img of=/dev/sdcard_device bs=1M status=progress; sync

Installation Attempt

  1. Insert the micro sdcard into the slot on the Chromebook.
  2. Power on the Chromebook.

Initially things looked promising as the system automatically found the OpenBSD EFI image on the micro sdcard and proceeded to the OpenBSD boot prompt. However there was a strange display issue where the first character on each row of the display was missing.

After a brief pause, the OpenBSD boot process continued. A message displayed indicating an error opening random.seed but continued to load the OpenBSD kernel. Unfortunately the system then froze indefinitely. See screen shot below.

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