KGPE-D16 external flashing instructions

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Initial flashing instructions for KGPE-D16.

This guide is for those who want libreboot on their ASUS KGPE-D16 motherboard, while they still have the proprietary ASUS BIOS present. This guide can also be followed (adapted) if you brick you board, to know how to recover.

Memory initialization is still problematic, for some modules. We recommend avoiding Kingston modules.

For more general information about this board, refer to ../hardware/kgpe-d16.html.

TODO: show photos here, and other info.

External programmer

Refer to bbb_setup.html for a guide on how to set up an external SPI programmer.

The flash chip is in a PDIP 8 socket (SPI flash chip) on the motherboard, which you take out and then re-flash with libreboot, using the programmer. DO NOT remove the chip with your hands. Use a chip extractor tool.

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