Dell Latitude E5520

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Thermal safety: this machine shuts down very quickly, when the machine exceeds 80c CPU temperature, which is far more conservative than on most laptops (non-Dell ones), so you should make sure that your thermals are excellent. More info available here. This is a known bug, but otherwise the machine will be mostly stable.

Dell Latitude E5520
Manufacturer Dell
Name Latitude E5520
Variants E5520 with Intel GPU supported
Released 2012
Chipset Intel Sandy Bridge
CPU Intel Core i3, i5 or i7
Graphics Intel HD 4000 and unsupported Nvidia NVS 5200M
Display 1366x768/1600x900 TFT
Memory 4 or 8GB (Upgradable to 16GB)
Architecture x86_64
EC SMSC MEC5055 with proprietary firmware
Original boot firmware Dell UEFI
Intel ME/AMD PSP Present, neutered
Flash chip 2xSOIC-8, 6MiB (4MiB and 2MiB in combination)
W+: Works without blobs;
N: Doesn't work;
W*: Works with blobs;
U: Untested;
P+: Partially works;
P*: Partially works with blobs
Internal flashing with original boot firmware W+
Display (if Intel GPU) W+
Display (if Nvidia GPU) U
Audio W+
RAM Init W+
External output W+
Display brightness P+
Payloads supported
GRUB Works
SeaBIOS Works
SeaBIOS with GRUB Works


Libreboot 20231021 and releases newer than this have ROMs available for Dell Latitude E5520.

ROM images for Dell Latitude E5520 are available for flashing in the Libreboot releases after 20230625, or you can compile a ROM image for installation via lbmk, see: build instructions

Only the Intel GPU variants are supported, currently. All models with Intel GPU are assumed to work.

Unlike the E6400, this one does require a neutered Intel ME image to run. This means running it through me_cleaner before flashing; the Libreboot build system does this automatically, during build, or you can insert a neutered ROM image using the vendor scripts, see guide:

Insert vendor files

As with the E6400, this one is flashable in software, from Dell UEFI firmware to Libreboot. Please refer to the installation instructions.

To install Libreboot, see: E5520 installation instructions

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