Suppliers selling Libreboot pre-installed


Patrick McDermott, Libiquity’s founder, is a former Libreboot developer. Ships to USA only

Home page:

Ministry of Freedom (Minifree)

Leah Rowe, Minifree’s founder, is also Libreboot’s founder and is an active Libreboot developer. Minifree is the first company to achieve FSF RYF endorsement on a computer system, and invests money directly into Libreboot.

Minifree ships worldwide, to all countries.





Home page:

Phreedom 2600

Phreedom 2600 sells the BeagleBone Black (which can be used for flashing Libreboot) and the Thinkpad X200. All computers come with Parabola GNU/Linux preinstalled. All products meets the criteria for Respects Your Freedom.

Home page:

Raptor Engineering

Raptor is the world’s first libre OEM, producing systems with libre boot firmware and operating system preinstalled, from the factory.

Website for pre-orders:

They have 2 systems available:

NOTE: this isn’t technically Libreboot, but the boot firmware is entirely free.

This is the same company that ported the ASUS KFSN4-DRE, KGPE-D16 and KCMA-D8 mainboards to Libreboot. Raptor has also helped improve other ports in Libreboot, for instance they added support for switchable graphics on the ThinkPad T400 which Libreboot supports.

Home page:


Technoethical (formerly Tehnoetic) is a team of free software activists and developers that are selling hardware pre-installed with libreboot as a way to fund the activity within their nonprofit foundation.

Ships worldwide, to all countries.



Home page:


Vikings is the first company to offer hosting on hardware pre-installed with libreboot and they are also selling the hardware itself to fund the building of their libreboot-powered datacenter.

Ships worldwide, to all countries.





Home page:

Other suppliers

Sellers on eBay

On the eBay website, in various countries, you can search for libreboot and you may find some individual sellers providing Libreboot-preinstalled hardware.

We cannot verify the quality of these suppliers, but they do exist.

Some of them also provide choice of GNU+Linux distribution, or they may provide services where you can ship your Libreboot-compatible device to them and they would install Libreboot for you.

This can be useful for some people, but due to the nature of eBay, we cannot link to them since eBay listings are regularly deleted due to expiration (some sellers may choose to have longer listings, or renew expired listings).

There may also be other websites similar to eBay (e.g. mercado livre, available for several South American countries) that might have Libreboot hardware on them.

If you are considering purchasing from a supplier on eBay, make sure to read their feedback comments for other products that they sell, and check their seller rating. Don’t get duped by a bad seller!


You may have a GNU+Linux User Group, free software workshop or hackerspace near you that can help you with installing Libreboot, for instance.

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