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Documentation for this release can be found at index.html. Updated versions of libreboot can be found at

Old Releases

See archive_old.html for information about older libreboot releases.

See tasks for the current TODO list.


Release date: Month Day(st,rd,th), Year.

Installation instructions can be found at install/index.html. Building instructions (for source code) can be found at git/index.html#build.

Machines supported in this release:

Git. No changelog!

This version of libreboot is from git. It is not a stable release! If you are using a snapshot (tarball), you can find a file included called commitid which tells you what git revision it is from the libreboot git repository. If this is not a snapshot, then you have cloned libreboot, so you can simply run git log.

Tasks for future release

Board ports

Platform-specific bugs


Build system

Improvements to the utilities

Documentation improvements

Project (institutional) improvements

EC firmware Replace this on all libreboot targets. Some laptops use an extra SPI flash chip for the EC, some have EC in the main chip, some don't use SPI flash at all but have the firmware inside the EC chip itself. If the EC has integrated flash then you need to be able to get to the pins on the chip or be able to program them over LPC or SPI (if they have that feature). The lenovo laptops currently supported in libreboot all use H8 EC chips (contains flash inside the chip). Read the datasheets on how to externally programme the EC. Chromebooks seem to have free EC (

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