Libreboot release information

GnuPG public key (signing key)

pub  4096R/656F212E 2014-07-04 Libreboot Releases (signing key) <>
Fingerprint=C923 4BA3 200C F688 9CC0  764D 6E97 D575 656F 212E

Download the key: libreboot.asc.

Import the key as follows:
$ gpg --import < libreboot.asc

You should also be able to find it on a key server. Note: the above key is not for email. It is only for verifying the release archives.

You can verify the downloaded archives as follows:
$ gpg --verify libreboot_src.tar.xz.sig
$ gpg --verify libreboot_bin.tar.xz.sig

Old Releases

Releases are now named from the date of release.

See archive_old.html for older libreboot releases.

See critical tasks and non-critical tasks.

Release 20150126

Release date: January 26th, 2015.

Binaries (right-click save as, or use wget)

Source code (right-click save as, or use wget)

Installation instructions can be found at install/index.html#flashrom. Building instructions (for source code) can be found at git/index.html#build.

Machines supported in this release:

Updates (relative to r20150124)

This is a bug fix release based on r20150124 from two days ago. It contains a few small changes:

Changes for this release (latest changes first, earliest changes last)

Critical tasks for future release

Other tasks (non-critical, but still important)

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