Mirroring libreboot

Create a directory in your web directory (e.g. libreboot/) and put one of these in your crontab:

Libreboot project, UK (main rsync mirror)

rsync -avxP --delete --stats rsync.libreboot.org::mirrormirror /path/to/docroot/libreboot/

University of Kent, UK (backup mirror)

rsync -avxP --delete --stats rsync://rsync.mirrorservice.org/libreboot.org/release/ /path/to/docroot/libreboot/

Princeton university, USA (backup mirror)

rsync -avxP --delete --stats rsync://mirror.math.princeton.edu/pub/libreboot/ /path/to/docroot/libreboot/

linux.ro, Romania (backup mirror)

rsync -avxP --delete --stats rsync://ftp.linux.ro/libreboot/ /path/to/docroot/libreboot/

partyvan.eu, Sweden (backup mirror)

rsync -avxP --delete --stats rsync://mirror.se.partyvan.eu/pub/libreboot/ /path/to/docroot/libreboot/

mirror.si, Slovenia (backup mirror)

rsync -avxP --delete --stats rsync://libreboot.mirror.si/libreboot /path/to/docroot/libreboot/

Are you running a mirror? Contact the libreboot project, and the link will be added to the download page.

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Libreboot includes statically linked executables. If you need the sources for those statically linked dependencies inside the executables, then you can contact the libreboot project using the details on the home page; source code will be provided. You can download this source code from here.

The source code for this page is available from a git repository.