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Leah Rowe

24 May 2021

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The static site generator used on Libreboot’s website now supports unlimited news/blog sections, so a dedicated news feed (complete with RSS) has been created, for release announcements.

Here it is: /docs/release/

The old docs/release.html page is obsolete. The new news section above is where you shall now find change logs. Information from release.html has been transferred to this new section, for older Libreboot releases. The recent Libreboot 20210522 release announcement has been moved to this new section.

This news post is in the main section at /news/, which from now on will not be used for release announcements. Release announcements will now be done in /docs/release/ instead. That section has its own RSS feed, separate from the RSS feed for the main news section, so you should subscribe to that RSS feed if you specifically want to be alerted whenever a new release of Libreboot is made available.

That is all. To learn more about the static site generator that Libreboot uses for its website, see:


I’m the developer of Untitled! The software was officially released on 18 May 2021, and the project website (shown above) was launched on 20 May 2021.

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Libreboot 20210522 has been released! Download it here - release announcement here