New development mailing list for Libreboot

Leah Rowe

10 Jun 2017

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Our sysadmin, Alyssa Rosenzweig, has set up a mailing list on infrastructure, for development discussions.

The mailing list address is

Information about the mailing list and how to subscribe are on the lists page. Archives of discussion threads are in the pipermail development directory.

This replaces the mailing lists that we had before. The mailing list software in use is GNU Mailman, which is also used by many other free software projects and is very popular. If you already use mailing lists in other projects, then the way to use Libreboot’s new mailing list is exactly the same.

This mailing list is for development discussion only. User support is still handled via #libreboot on Freenode IRC, as always.

This new mailing list will also be used for beta testing of upcoming stable releases, from now on. Work is currently underway on a new Libreboot release.

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