Libreboot installation workshop at FSF LibrePlanet 2018 conference

Leah Rowe

21 March 2018

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LibrePlanet is the annual conference held by the Free Software Foundation in Boston, MA, USA. This year, it’s being held at MIT university on March 24th and 25th. More details about it are here:

The FSF isn’t officially hosting a Libreboot workshop at LibrePlanet this year. At the 2015 and 2016 LibrePlanet conference, there were workshops there run by myself and Patrick McDermott, a former member of the Libreboot project. The FSF has confirmed that they don’t have a dedicated room for it this year, due to increasing number of conference goers.

Therefore, an unofficial workshop is being set up. I’ve already issued a news post about this on the libreplanet-discuss mailing list:

With John Sullivan’s blessing:

If you, the reader, are attending LibrePlanet this year, and you would like to get a Libreboot system flashed for you, then take it with you to LibrePlanet. There will be knowledgeable people there who can flash Libreboot for you.

Find one of the people on the list below (list will be updated if more people volunteer to flash). If it’s Kurt, they’ll flash for you at the Technoethical booth. If it’s someone else, they can take you into the speakers’ lounge (it does not matter if they’re not a speaker). John Sullivan of FSF has approved this. There are tables, chairs and power sockets in that room. There are also tables and chairs outside the speakers’ lounge, in the common area at the conference, but I highly recommend using the speakers’ lounge. That’s where I took people, on LibrePlanet 2015 and 2016 :) It’s really comfy in there.

John Sullivan of FSF has also confirmed that that there is a dedicated alcohol-free social and hacking time at the FSF office on Saturday 24th March, between 1900-2130 (7-9:30 PM). You could also flash someone’s laptop for them there, in the conference room at the FSF, or on a table outside. Or the sysadmin room, if that’s OK with them.

I’ve been asking around. The following people have confirmed so far that they will be providing Libreboot flashing services at the conference:

I would be grateful if anyone else would also be willing to provide flashing. I myself am not attending the conference physically, unfortunately.

See mailing list post for more info. If you would like to help Kurt and zyliwax out, please either reply to that mailing list post on libreplanet-discuss or email me directly: and I’ll add your name in the above list.

Basically, all you need for flashing someone’s laptop at the conference is:


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