Welcoming Andrew Robbins

Leah Rowe and Alyssa Rosenzweig

4 Jun 2017

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On 25 April, Libreboot adopted new collective governance policies, creating a flat-hierarchy leadership of four people. As a result, all patches are reviewed, and all major decisions are voted on by the maintainers with community input. These policies formalise our democratic standards.

Today, we welcome Andrew Robbins (IRC nick and_who and NotABug user and_who) as our first new maintainer under the new policy. Going forward, Andrew will gain push access to Libreboot in order to review patches, as well as voting rights and IRC operator status.

Andrew works on critical improvements to the build system, many of which have already been merged. He is passionate about Libreboot, understanding the project at a deep level, and he has been an active member of the community. Thus, with unanimous agreement from the existing maintainers, Andrew has joined the project officially.

We look forward to Andrew’s next contributions as our project continues to grow.

The new list of maintainers is as follows:

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