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Please do not use GitHub to host libreboot. Libreboot is a free software project, so this is only a request, and not a restriction on the software.

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What’s wrong with GitHub?

…The GPL is not focused on freedom. It’s too long. Too many restrictions. – Tom Preston-Werner OSCON2013

or how about:

Notice that everything we keep closed has specific business value that could be compromised by giving it away to our competitors. – source: Tom Preston-Werner’s blog

GitHub simply uses Free Software for its own benefit, releasing source code under a free license only when suited to it’s business goals; they are quite happy to violate the rights of their users, for profit.

By contrast, the libreboot project adheres strictly to the goals of the Free Software movement, which seeks to eliminate proprietary software to the point where all software is free.

The opinions expressed by Tom Preston-Werner of GitHub are incompatible with those of the libreboot project. Users and developers of free software are strongly advised not to use GitHub, for any of their projects.

Where should I host and share my code?

Read this section on the libreboot website for a list of recommended Git hosting providers.


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